If you are experiencing difficulties with your Countax ride-on lawn mower, seek assistance. There are some potential solutions you can use to resolve the issue quickly. Here are some tips to aid with the problem-solving process.

If you are having difficulty with the cutting of your machine, you should inspect the blades and engine, and consider replacing them if necessary.

Countax Ride-on Mower Problems: Possible Causes:

1. Engine stops after starting common causes of Craftsman

lawnmower issues can include the engine shutting off after startup.

However, the issue is usually not major and can be diagnosed by you.

Common causes include a dirty or clogged air filter which impairs engine performance.

2. Bad gas tank cap

If the gas tank cap is not functioning correctly or missing, it can cause stalling resulting from inadequate fuel venting.

3.  Belt problems

It is recommended that users adjust the tension of the belt to 13 mm of deflection for optimum performance. This can be achieved by unscrewing the tension pulley bolt.

Ensure that the rectangular cover plate is properly fitted over the adjustment slot, or the belt assembly and pulleys may suffer damage.

4.  The mower blades are not functioning

If you encounter this issue, likely, the blades are not engaging. This can be an indication of a malfunction with the PTO or clutch.

Malfunctioning of the safety system can cause the mower to stop spinning.

If the seat of the lawn mower is unbalanced, the safety mechanism may not be working properly. The switch underneath the seat could be contaminated or defective, preventing the blades from engaging.

5. A blown battery

If a battery won’t hold proper charging, a blown battery may be the issue.

The voltage of the battery can be measured using a multimeter to assess the diagnosis.

The voltage reading should be above 11.5 volts for the battery to function properly.

Testing the solenoid operation can assist in determining the cause of the battery malfunction.


If your Countax ride-on mower exhibits an uneven running engine, you can start investigating the issue.

If the electrode of the spark plug is not making contact with its tip due to a bend, it may need to be changed.

Regular cleaning of the firing tip using a wire brush is necessary to avoid any irregularities in the engine running, which can also be caused by the porcelain housing.

If you hear a squeaking sound when starting the engine, it could be caused by an issue with the vehicle’s clutches or engagement mechanisms.

The clutch may be worn or otherwise faulty, fused due to excessive heat, or have its safety mechanism activated which prevents the blades from engaging.

The symptoms may be due to an electric solenoid defect or a PTO pulley malfunction.

The battery is an important part of investigating issues with the mower. It needs to supply voltage to the various parts of the mower.

A multimeter should be used to determine if the battery has sufficient voltage; if it reads below 11.6 volts, replacement is probably necessary.

If the battery is not charging properly, it is necessary to inspect the solenoid operation.

The electrical system includes a component that controls the machine’s start and stops.

Troubleshooting a Countax Ride-on Mower

A few basic tips can help when troubleshooting common issues with Countax ride-on lawn mowers. Non-rotation of blades suggests that the engagement mechanism is malfunctioning or there is an issue with the clutch.

If the blades are not turning, it could be due to an excessively worn PTO belt or a fused clutch caused by excessive heat. Ensure that the safety system is working properly.

To diagnose a problem with the engine to mower belt, disconnect the mower from the engine, remove the drive belt, and inspect it for signs of wear or damage.

The belt can become jammed due to grass and debris.

If the problem persists, replace the belt. If this doesn’t help, check the drive belt for any loose teeth. If there are any, it could be that the bearing has seized and may produce a grinding noise.

The drive motor could be the cause of the belt not turning. Possible causes include a damaged or broken drive belt, a faulty motor, and/or a dirty starter motor.

At the beginning of the season, service the mower and inspect it for any issues. To clean the connections, mix water with some bicarbonate of soda. Then, attempt to change the battery if necessary.

Checking the battery is the initial step in addressing issues with a Countax ride-on mower.

To check the voltage of the mower, connect a voltmeter between the positive terminal and a metal part of the engine.

If the meter reading is below 12.6 volts, the battery should be charged and the solenoid function then should be checked.

Countax Ride-on Mower Problems: Summary

A worn spark plug can cause various issues. A malfunctioning spark plug or firing tip can lead to engine choking, poor performance, and total failure.

Before the operation, it is advisable to inspect the spark plug of a Countax ride-on mower, as other problems may be present. A faulty gas cap can produce a clicking noise.

If the starter of a Countax ride-on mower is not functioning properly, this could lead to engine stalling and overheating.

To identify the source of the issue with the starter, a 12-volt power supply should be connected to the starter solenoid, and then the connections should be inspected.

If the engine does not start, it may be due to an issue with the solenoid. If these steps do not resolve the issue, contact a repairman or mechanic.

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